DISC personality test

The results of this personality test state that I am an influential person. This wasn’t necessarily new knowledge to me. In the description it states that I am a social person and am able to get along with others. I agree with this description. Although I have a lot to work on, hopefully this will make me more of an effective leader in the future. This will effect my leadership style by relating to everyone that I lead (those who I would naturally connect with and those who I wouldn’t). It will also help me to be friendly to everyone on the staff. It will also hopefully influence others to be positive. I will continue to work on my influencing skills to influence others for the positive. I will look to reach out to other nurses who need to be influenced. 

First post for 4500

My name is Austin. I am a nursing student at UVU. I currently work as a registered nurse at LDS hospital. It is a really good experience! The purpose of my reflective journal is to help me express my thoughts on the information I learn during the week (information from the class 4510). This should help me to retain the information I learned as well. This will provide a great opportunity to explain how I felt about what I learned. This will be a time for me to reflect each week on what I learned. I look forward to many blog posts! 

I am also in another one of Sean’s classes that requires posts, so if you’re reading this for the second time, I hope you enjoy it twice as much.